Adrian Kinderis

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Kinderis co-founded ARI Registry Services, part of the Bombora Technologies group of companies (formerly AusRegistry Group), in 2003 to take the experience learned in running the .au domain name Registry to a global audience. Under his leadership as Chief Executive Officer, the company has created a strong reputation as the specialist in the development of high-volume, complex, transaction-based Internet systems.

Adrian has devoted more than a decade to the ongoing improvement and evolution of the Internet. His passion for the industry has led him to actively participate within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) community where, for five years, he was elected to an advisory council contributing to industry-related policies and guides. In this role, Adrian leveraged his extensive industry experience to make a valuable and influential contribution to the creation of ICANN’s ground-breaking new Top-Level Domain program.

Adrian recently spearheaded the formation of the global Domain Name Association (DNA) and is currently serving as Chairman of the Interim Board. In this leadership position and as spokesperson for the organisation, he will continue to make an influential contribution to growing the industry and advocating its commercial interests.

As a thought leader in the technology sector, Adrian’s authority and expertise have seen him become an in-demand industry commentator, with regular appearances with the world’s leading media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Sky News, The Washington Post and many other leading publications.

A true entrepreneur, Adrian has demonstrated his passion for business development through the rapid expansion of Bombora Technologies and is committed to establishing a successful business that, not only brings commercial success, but drives continued innovation and expansion of the technology space.

Robin Schmitt

Chief Operating Officer

Robin Schmitt serves as the Chief Operating Officer of ARI Registry Services, part of the Bombora Technologies group of companies, where he is responsible for business operations across all functions of the company to ensure efficient and effective management of resources and distribution of services. Robin plays a key role in the development and implementation of strategy, being a member of the C-Level team and responsible for the execution of the Group’s yearly operational plan.

Appointed to the role in 2011, Robin has since led and overseen a transformation of organisational structure and operational policy, and implemented a fiscal action plan to drive growth and expansion across the Group. His leadership laid the foundation for improved business confidence and facilitated the introduction of new lines of business.

A critical element of his role is his function as chief of staff to the management team, overseeing the day-to-day operations of both divisional and departmental managers. Under his stewardship over the past three years, Robin has helped guide the Group through major strategic and operational challenges to ensure continued growth. He has achieved a strong track record of results, delivering successful programs while also delivering staff engagement and satisfaction scores above industry standards.

Prior to joining the Group, Robin led wide-ranging technology and project management programs for one of Australia’s largest higher education institutions.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the implementation of IT solutions and operations, Robin is a versatile and highly proficient leader, making him a valuable asset to our clients and a mentor to staff.

Chris Wright

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Wright is the Chief Technology Officer of ARI Registry Services, part of the Bombora Technologies group of companies, and lead architect for the Group’s technology solutions.

Chris is responsible for driving the technology strategy of the Group. He provides the engineering direction for the development, testing, production support and R&D teams while also serving as the Group’s technical director on all product design, acquisition and business partnerships.

Under his stewardship over the past decade, Chris has helped establish ARI Registry Services as a global leader in the provision high performance software and web infrastructure that empowers the daily online lives of people around the world. He is trusted with ensuring the stability, reliability and security of all our technology solutions.

His role includes the design, configuration and management of the company’s EPP registry system on an open source Linux platform. The system Chris built was one of the first domain name registries in the world to feature real time dynamic DNS updates. Utilising his vast experience with registry and open source software development, Chris has overseen the development of registrar infrastructure, registry-registrar interface systems and registration systems across the world.

More recently, Chris has been instrumental in the global Domain Name System policy development arena where he has made significant contributions to the advancement of technical protocols within the industry. Most notable was his work on the development of the Trademark Clearinghouse and the new Top-Level Domain program.

Furthermore, Chris has been in charge of the development, rollout and management of the Group’s global DNS network. As the DNS and DNSSEC signing provider of choice to over 475 new Top-Level Domain applicants, Chris has watched the product become the largest DNS TLD provider in the world.

Chris has formal qualifications in computer science, systems engineering and software architecture. His focus areas include IT service architecture, Registry systems, operations engineering, DNS network design, business intelligence systems and data security.   

Jeremy Ebbels

General Manager, Registry Services Division

Jeremy Ebbels, General Manager of the Registry Services Division at ARI, is responsible for leading a team of industry experts to manage a portfolio of clients inclusive of greenfields, entrepreneurs, governments and Fortune 100 brands.

Jeremy leverages his extensive background in product, people and project management, drawing on 18 years of corporate, small-to-medium enterprise and franchise operations to identify bespoke solutions that generate additional value and opportunities for the company and clients.

One of his greatest achievements came in 2012 when he led the project team responsible for compiling and submitting 42 new Top-Level Domain applications and signing 161 clients worth a combined total of over $40 million in revenue. Each application required months of work to develop financial modelling, technical operation specifications and business mission and vision statements. The success of this work helped establish ARI Registry Services as a tier one operator in the new Top-Level Domain program.

Jeremy is a results-driven leader and specialises in strategic planning, profit and loss, program and risk management, product development, and troubleshooting. Backed by a team of experts, Jeremy harnesses their strengths to implement measurable targets to collectively drive success.

As a fit and active individual who competes in triathlons, long distance cycling events and boxing, Jeremy is a firm believer in healthy body and healthy mind.

Tony Kirsch

Head of Global Consulting

Tony Kirsch leads the global consulting practice at ARI Registry Services, where he delivers strategic direction and support as advisor to some of the world's most-recognised brands, entrepreneurs and governments, leveraging his extensive background in the generic Top-Level Domain and Information Technology industries.

Widely recognised as an industry expert within the new TLD program, Tony's in-depth understanding of the program's intricacies is extensively sought-after in developing companywide implementation and transitional processes and strategies.

Tony has been instrumental in the generation of revenue for ARI Registry Services, actively utilising his strong industry network to expand business opportunities, translating leads into sales and contacts into clients. Throughout his ten-year career in IT and Telecommunications, Tony has garnered a successful track record in developing profitable cross-vertical business solutions to clients around the world.

Tony has built a highly regarded reputation in the industry for delivering exceptional results and he has an enviable network of relationships within the ICANN community and Information Technology industry.

He is an in-demand public speaker, and continues to work closely within the ICANN framework of policies and procedures, whilst also being responsible for global strategic relationships at ARI Registry Services regarding the new TLD program.

Corey Grant

Domain Name Industry Consultant

With almost 20 years of corporate strategy experience with some of the world’s leading brands, Corey Grant is ARI Registry Services’ resident product management expert.

As a Domain Name Industry Consultant for the Registry Services Division, Corey leverages his strategic and complex change management expertise within large organisations to consult with and service ARI Registry Services’ largest brand and government clients to provide them with tailored end-to-end programs which address some of the toughest technological challenges.

Prior to joining ARI Registry Services, Corey developed his aptitude with several sales and marketing roles with the Ford Motor Company, before implementing wide-ranging product management programs for small and mid-size technology start-ups in Canada where he successfully launched products blending hardware, software and support services.

Corey’s broad technology exposure, international experience, and tenures at both large and small organisations, demonstrate his value to ARI Registry Services and our clients.

Ryan Baker

Domain Name Industry Consultant

Ryan Baker is a Domain Name Industry Consultant for the Registry Services Division, where he provides highly specialised technical and policy support to clients.

Having been involved with the development and rollout of new Top-Level Domains from the beginning, Ryan offers clients a valuable source of knowledge on every facet of the program. His technical prowess and intricate understanding of the program has seen Ryan become a highly knowledgeable advisor to our clients who seek to develop business plans that ensure they achieve a suitable and appropriate return on investment.

Ryan’s acumen for strategic consulting is best demonstrated through his achievements during the new Top-Level Domain application period. Throughout 2011 and 2012, Ryan was an integral member of the team that prepared 42 applications. His guidance and industry counsel were pivotal in developing both the application framework and individual applicant business models, while his technical expertise on Registry systems helped our clients receive some of the highest marks possible on the technical components of their applications.

Prior to joining ARI Registry Services, Ryan accumulated nearly a decade of experience as a technical writer in the Australian IT sector with a focus on software development. He’s a self-described “geek-translator” and developed his passion for IT through stints at some of Australia’s largest brands including Sensis, Telstra and Yellow Pages.

Sebastien Ducos

Senior Client Services Manager

Sebastien joined ARI Registry Services in January 2012 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in IT project management, as well as Registrar and TLD client services. In his wide ranging career he has led change management teams, developed business concepts and consulted on strategic planning. Sebastien has been managing the relationship with ARI Registry Services’ ccTLD clients, chiefly in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Most recently, Sebastien worked closely with the Victorian and NSW Governments in Australia to help develop a TLD solution and successfully apply for .melbourne and .sydney gTLDs respectively.

His international experience extends across Europe, North America and Australia, while also being fluent in six languages, Sebastien prides himself in his ability to build relationships and lead projects with utmost precision and efficiency – having successfully project managed the deployment and go-live of the .om Registry in Oman is testament to this.

Having developed and deployed the technical solution architecture for a number of world-leading organisations, Sebastien is proficient in various different programing languages and applications with an excellent understanding of system infrastructures.

An active Internet industry participant, Sebastien’s extensive background in project management and his passion for establishing client relationships enables him to build strategic relationships across the globe and ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Patrick Donaldson

Senior Client Services Manager

Patrick Donaldson is the Senior Client Services Manager for ARI Registry Services, responsible for on-boarding international ICANN accredited Registrars as they navigate the new gTLD program.

Patrick has over 10 years of account and business development experience with proven ability to deliver client satisfaction, meet retention goals and expand opportunities within the client base.

Before joining ARI Registry Services, Patrick served as the Chief Registrar Liaison for ICM Registry, the company behind the .xxx domain extension. With ICM Registry, Patrick was responsible for recruiting ICANN accredited registrars and maintaining each account, which included product promotions, registry troubleshooting and training workshops. He also assisted with the development of ICM marketing, policy and procedures documents.

Previously, Patrick spent 6 years as the Regional Sales Director for Alltrust Networks, a leading biometric identity management service. At Alltrust he oversaw a team of resellers and managed the client portfolio in the Southeast Region of the United States.

Patrick received his BA from Salisbury University and his MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University.