TAS Interruption Update May 9: All users to log in to TAS

11th May 2012

Melbourne, Australia – 11th May 2012 – ICANN has released a statement to inform new Top-Level Domain applicants of the process for identifying whether they may have been affected by the TLD application system technical glitch.

ICANN initially identified a glitch in the TLD application system (TAS) on April 12th and has been working to resolve the issue and inform those affected for the past three weeks.

On May 9, ICANN published the following statement to prompt all registered applicants to log in to the TLD application system (TAS) to determine if they may have been affected.

Statement by Akram Atallah, COO

9 May 2012

As we announced yesterday, ICANN has provided notice to all users to let them know whether they may have been affected by the technical glitch in the TLD application system, or TAS.

We sent an email [PDF, 41 KB] to each TAS user asking them to log in to the notification system and view whether they may have been affected. Notifications were delivered to the 1,275 registered TAS users in four categories.

The categories, along with links to the corresponding notification template, break down as follows:

1. Users who did not have file names or usernames viewed [PDF, 72 KB]: 1,163
2. Users who had one or more file names and/or user names that may have been viewed by another user [PDF, 73 KB]: 72.
3. Users who may have seen the file names and/or usernames of one or more other users [PDF, 73 KB]: 30.
4. Users who had one or more file names and/or user names that may have been viewed, and who also may have been able to see file name and/or username information of other users [PDF, 75 KB]: 10.

Users whose file names and/or user names may have been viewed were provided with the details of the relevant information.

As we announced yesterday, we are targeting 22 May 2012 as the intended reopening date for TAS, and anticipate a 30 May closing.

We understand and regret the inconvenience that the glitch has caused.

ARI Registry Services will continue to inform clients as information comes to hand, and will address related enquiries as a matter of priority.


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