AusRegistry International wins lucrative Middle East Internet contracts

Melbourne, Australia - March 30th 2011

Navigating the Internet for people from non-English speaking backgrounds has just become a lot easier thanks to the ingenuity and expertise of Melbourne based domain name registry services provider AusRegistry International, who has just signed its third Middle Eastern contract to provide software to drive critical Internet infrastructure in the region.

AusRegistry International announced this month it has won a lucrative contract with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman to operate software services for the .om Omani country code domain.

The new Oman contract cements AusRegistry International's position as a market leader in the region and complements similar projects currently underway in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. This is in addition to its consulting work for South Africa's .za country-code domain, the largest in Africa. AusRegistry is also the appointed operator of the .au domain in Australia.

The Oman contract will encompass both the existing .om domain and the planned عمان. (.oman) Arabic script domain. This will be the first time Omanis will be able to access the Internet using their native language.

The introduction of non-Latin scripts for the Domain Name System is one of the most significant advancements in the history of the Internet because it allows people from non-Latin based languages to navigate using website addresses in their own language. For instance, without scripts, an Arabic language website would require an English website address. In this scenario it's almost impossible to navigate to the website without an understanding of the English language.

"We were the first company in the world to provide the technology that enables Arabic script domain names and now we are at the absolute forefront of an Internet revolution that will ensure the continued improvement of Internet accessibility across all language groups. I am extremely proud to say that our Australian made technology will now be supporting three Arabic script domains, in addition to five traditional country domains from around the world," AusRegistry International's CEO Adrian Kinderis said.

"Approximately 60 percent of the world's population are from regions where the Latin alphabet is not part of their native language, so you can see why domains with non-Latin scripts are an extremely important part of the Internet's future." Mr Kinderis said it's an exciting time for AusRegistry International because the company is going through a massive growth period.

"In the last year we doubled our workforce to handle the influx of new business opportunities. We've also expanded our operations by opening a new office in the United States and we are looking to open a new office in the Middle East."

Mr Kinderis said AusRegistry International is now well positioned to take advantage of the revolutionary changes set to take place across the Internet later this year, with the introduction of the new top level domain program. Likely to commence in mid 2011, the program will allow for companies, entrepreneurs and governments to own and operate a slice of Internet real estate, just like .com.

"So far, interest has been shown by major brands like Canon (.canon), for geographic locations like .sydney or .paris, and generic words like .web or .shop. Although new top level domains will likely cost more than $500,000 in application fees and operating costs, this unique prospect to secure a piece of Internet real estate is the most compelling opportunity for innovation the Internet has seen since its creation," Mr Kinderis said.

The opportunity presented by the new top level domain program combined with the introduction of non-Latin script domains represents a major shift in the domain name industry, and bodes well for continued growth for AusRegistry International, Mr Kinderis said.

About AusRegistry International

AusRegistry International is a leading global Domain Name Registry Services provider that has dedicated almost a decade to innovation and the expansion of the Internet through the delivery of registry technologies and sophisticated consulting methodologies.

AusRegistry International is the appointed Domain Name Registry Services partner for the .ae (United Arab Emirates) Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), the .qa (Qatar) ccTLD, the .om (Oman) ccTLD, the recently introduced .emarat (امارات.) Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) ccTLD, the soon to be launched .qatar (قطر) IDN ccTLD and the planned .oman (عمان.) IDN ccTLD.

AusRegistry International is also assisting South Africa's .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) with the Central Registry project for ccTLD.

AusRegistry International's parent company, AusRegistry Pty Ltd, is the appointed Domain Name Registry Operator for Australia's .au ccTLD.

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