ICANN officially cancels the digital archery process

29th June 2012

Melbourne, Australia – 29th June 2012 - In a resolution passed last week at ICANN's 44th meeting held in Prague, the New gTLD Program Committee has officially cancelled the digital archery process.

ICANN published a statement which states the President and CEO have been directed to terminate the Digital Archery process following feedback from the community:

To remain accountable to the ICANN community, after careful consideration of the objections raised to the digital archery process, and following the suspension of the process after identification of a technical issue, the New gTLD Program Committee's decision provides finality to the community on the status of the digital archery process. This decision will not have any impact on the security, stability or resiliency of the DNS as a result of this decision.

This resolution by the ICANN board comes on the back of a series of efforts by the ARI Registry Services team and the wider community to request a review of the process. Two letters and a Network Latency Report were presented to the ICANN Board by ARI to identify the various issues associated with the Digital Archery Process.

While this resolution permanently removes the Digital Archery from the program, ICANN will continue to consult with the community regarding batching and the evaluation of applications.

To this end, ARI Registry Services will continue to engage with ICANN in pursuit of an equitable solution that provides a greater level of fairness for all applicants without causing undue delay.

For feedback or queries relating to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.