Web users to bypass search engines in new internet revolution

Melbourne, Australia - May 24th, 2011

Expansion of the internet’s address system to simplify web navigation

An internet revolution that will see domain names (web addresses) expand beyond .com to .anything is set to change the way users surf the internet, encouraging direct navigation to websites and reducing reliance on search engines such as Google.

In less than a month we will see the start date for when and how companies, entrepreneurs and governments can apply for new brand, generic word and geographic domain name extensions such as .qantas, .music and .paris, simplifying the way people navigate the internet and leading to shorter and more memorable domain names free of forward slashes and hyphens.

Known as the new Top-Level Domain program, this milestone change to the internet’s domain name system is well-known among the global internet industry but yet to hit consumer’s radar - with millions of internet users around the world unaware of the next wave of innovation that will change the way they surf the net and look for content online.

"This is the biggest change to the internet in its history," said Adrian Kinderis, CEO of AusRegistry International, the only company in Australia with the technology and expertise to deliver new Top-Level Domains. "With so much clutter online today, the web has become confusing to navigate and users have become reliant on search engines to find what they’re looking for. Imagine bypassing Google because you knew you could go to restaurants.sydney or bars.sydney and find every restaurant and bar listed on those sites."

With more than 25 million mobile phone subscribers in Australia (a penetration rate greater than 100%), the new Top-Level domain program will also support easier and quicker mobile browsing - where forward slashes and hyphens are even more challenging.

"We all know how frustrating it can be typing website addresses into your mobile. The myriad of dots, forward slashes and hyphens makes it incredibly difficult and time consuming," Kinderis said. "Imagine simply typing bookings.qantas, which is much quicker than searching for the Qantas website, finding and clicking on the bookings link, and definitely easier than trying to type the current link - http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/book/global/en

Hundreds of organisations worldwide have publicly signaled their intent to apply for their own brand including Deloitte, Canon, Hitachi and Motorola. The NSW Premier’s Office has also confirmed strong interest in the .sydney Top-Level Domain.

"Cities such as London, New York, Berlin and Paris are throwing their hat into the ring for their respective name spaces," Kinderis said. "These cities are looking to carve out their spot on the web. They are already major tourist destinations in the real world and now want to ensure that they remain so in the online world."

According to Kinderis, the saturation of .com (which comprises 90 million domains and 70 per cent of the market share) has created a lack of choice and limited competition.

"The new Top-Level Domain program will resolve some of these flaws by allowing for the introduction of regulated online name spaces that are authentic, verified and trustworthy," he said. "Take a bank for example, it would bring clarity and security to customers with the simple message, ’If it’s not .nab, it’s not us’. Not to mention making it easier for customers to find content online without using a search engine, because all they will need to remember is creditcards.nab, for instance."

"These dramatic changes to the internet have had little attention outside the domain name industry, but it’s now at the pointy end of a long process. With the application process officially kicking off on June 20, we’ll start to see the new type of domains in action from mid next year," Kinderis continued.

"The program is going to have a huge impact on the way consumers navigate the internet and it’s time they’re made aware of these changes," he concluded.

About AusRegistry International
AusRegistry International is the only Australian company with the domain name registry technology and expertise to activate, implement and manage new Top-Level Domains. Leveraging ten years of experience as a domain name registry operator, AusRegistry International will provide new Top-Level Domain applicants with the same software and consulting services that currently drive the .au (Australian), the .ae (United Arab Emirates), the .qa (Qatar) and .om (Oman) country codes. Additionally, AusRegistry International is the first domain name registry to operate non-Latin, country code Top-Level Domains and a global leader in the continued innovation and expansion of the Domain Name System.
Visit http://www.ausregistry.com or find out more about the new Top-Level Domain program here: http://www.beyonddotcom.info

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