Web IP & ARI Registry Services join forces on enterprise DNS in Australia

15 January 2014

Melbourne, Australia – 15 January 2014: Major businesses will now have access to a locally managed global Anycast DNS network to support their website, email and critical online applications following the announcement of an Australian first alliance today.

Web IP, one of Australia’s leading online brand management firms, has joined forces with ARI Registry Services, a global leader in the provision of domain name infrastructure services, to launch an enterprise DNS service specifically catering to the requirements of Australian businesses.

The arrangement will see Web IP provide front-end retail support for the ARI Registry Services global DNS network. While the alliance with Web IP is being officially introduced today, ARI Registry Services has been operating DNS networks for Top-Level Domains for the past 10 years.

The launch of Web IP’s enterprise DNS service makes it the first Australian reseller to connect with ARI Registry Services’ wholesale DNS product, DiscoveryDNS. The announcement marks a new era in the provision of enterprise DNS services for the Australian market, with a focus on delivering improved DNS performance and security for businesses looking to address the increasing demands of the digital economy.

Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer at ARI Registry Services, said the Web IP alliance will provide local businesses access to a global DNS network with an Australian focus.

“DiscoveryDNS is designed to provide access to the knowledge we’ve gained from over 10 years in the management of Australia’s DNS infrastructure. It’s time to bring this expertise to the enterprise marketplace and this first announcement with Web IP is an exciting step in the right direction.”

Web IP’s Commercial Director, Ed Seaford, encouraged Australian businesses to take heed from the DNS mistakes of other major brands.

“DNS related downtime costs Australian businesses millions of dollars each year. Ensuring the introduction of a robust, globally distributed Anycast DNS solution significantly mitigates against the financial and reputational impact of DNS outage. We’ve chosen Australia’s leading DNS experts to ensure our clients and the Australian market are protected,” Mr Seaford said.

Mr Wright also noted that DNS failures have been one of the leading causes of website outages in recent times. DNS network incidents for Telstra, Optus, Network Solutions, Microsoft and Akamai over the past few years have seen hundreds of thousands of websites taken offline.

“The DNS demands on businesses are always rising with larger and more frequent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, higher traffic loads and ever-increasing requirements on infrastructure. Clients utilising our DNS service will be provided with access to the very same infrastructure that runs many whole-of-country DNS networks around the world, including the .au country code Top-Level Domain. As a result, the service includes unprecedented levels of security, stability and scalability that is not easily accessible within the Australian market,” Mr Wright said.

Businesses interested in accessing the Web IP Enterprise DNS service can contact Web IP for more information.


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