Progressive .physio business reaps rewards from location-based domains

11th March 2015

Perth, Australia – 11 March 2015: One of the single largest corporate acquisitions of a bulk domain name portfolio in Australia since the beginning of the new Top-Level Domain (TLD) program has been recorded, with the registration of over 300 .physio domain names by a single Australian health care provider.

LifeCare Physiotherapy, Australia’s largest provider of Physiotherapy services, has registered domains particularly targeting the suburb names of their practice locations, such as in Melbourne and in Perth. 

Recognising the growth of the Internet as a source for health information, Cameron Tweedie of LifeCare Physiotherapy said the move is intended to streamline the search process for people seeking out physiotherapy services.

“We wanted to assist clients seeking Physiotherapy services to find their nearest LifeCare centre.  As the majority of clients seek these services based on their location, we took the opportunity to obtain the relevant location names around each of our practices.”

Jeremy Ebbels, General Manager of Registry Services at ARI Registry Services – the technology provider supporting more than 100 new Top-Level Domain applicants around the world – said registering location-based domain names under industry specific Top-Level Domains was a smart way to own your market category.

“The strategy of registering domain names based on location can help savvy businesses build trust with customers, especially with industry domain names like .physio which only allow physiotherapists, or physiotherapy related businesses, to own domain names. This creates instant trust in the namespace and confidence in the business or person behind the website.”

Glenn Ruscoe is a physiotherapist and Managing Director of Phys Biz, the company behind the .physio Top-Level Domain. Mr Ruscoe congratulated LifeCare on their leadership in becoming a pioneer of this next digital innovation within the profession.

“Patients will soon turn to .physio domain names as the source of truth and authority on the Internet, which will add legitimacy to the industry and instil significant confidence and trust,” Mr Ruscoe said.

The .physio TLD has strict eligibility criteria which ensure that only those working within the physiotherapy industry and recognised by their country’s industry body can register a .physio domain.

“By associating your brand with a location as well as your industry, you are positioning your organisation as an authoritative local source, with web addresses that indicate to customers that you can be trusted,” Mr Ebbels said.

For business owners looking to set themselves apart from the competition, new domain names such as .physio offer an opportunity to innovate online and gain a competitive advantage.

“LifeCare has always been at the forefront of providing the highest level of care and service and so it is an obvious step for us to take to be involved in the .physio domain name release,” said Mr Tweedie.

“Patients needing physiotherapy services are increasingly looking online to find physiotherapy providers. We believe .physio will better enable them to locate providers that offer a high level of service and care.”

Mr Ebbels encouraged businesses to consider a domain name portfolio strategy that combines industry and location-based domain names as an effective way of building a strong digital marketing presence.

.physio domain names are available for registration at  


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