Podcast: Grand Final marketing and domain names

29th October 2013

Melbourne, Australia – 29 October 2013 - What is the best call to action to use in television advertising? Should marketers send viewers to a domain name or encourage a conversation through social media?

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, recently spoke with Sean Callanan from Sports Geek about how advertisers in Australia used the 2013 AFL and NRL Grand Finals to engage viewers, deliver a compelling message, and most importantly generate a call to action.

Mr Kinderis spoke about his analysis of the 53 commercial ads aired during both games which showed domain names and corporate websites are the premiers, and that social media was left on the bench.

The podcast also features discussion about:

  • The upcoming introduction of new Top-Level Domains and how they will provide marketers with an innovative new approach.
  • Why using search as a call to action is not an efficient or effective marketing tool
  • How the AFL and NRL Grand Finals compare to the Super Bowl
  • The effectiveness of social media vs domain names and corporate websites

Marketing Magazine also published an article from Mr Kinderis on Grand Final marketing and it is available to be read here

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