Internationalised Domain Names (.script)


Prior to May 2010, Internet users in language communities that use a non Latin alphabet were unable to access the web via domain names written in their native script, presenting a barrier to Internet accessibility and usability.

To overcome this, ICANN introduced a program to launch TLDs composed in non Latin characters – including Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Japanese.

Adrian Kinderis talks to Bloomgb erg News

With a large proportion of the world's population residing in regions where the Latin alphabet is not native, Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) will be an extremely important part of the Internet's future growth.

For brands, businesses and communities alike, IDNs hold unprecedented opportunity for engagement and communication with foreign language Internet users.

Deploying IDNs within the New TLD Program will ensure complete Internet accessibility and significant increases in usability, benefiting both the user and content owner.

ARI Registry Services is a global leader in the provision of IDN TLD Registry Services with experience that extends to:

  • Involvement with the IETF development process for the IDNA2008 protocol
  • Successful implementation of non-Latin IDN-enabled ccTLD Registry System
  • Consultancy assistance to other Fast Track Program participants

For a further discussion of the .IDN TLD opportunity, please contact ARI Registry Services via the contact form below.

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