.za (South Africa) Central Registry

In 2010, ARI Registry Services (ARI) was selected by the .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) to provide consulting services to assist ZADNA with their .za Central Registry project. This project aims to bring together a number of legacy second-level domain name registries, into a single, centralised registry, with standardised policies and procedures and utilising the Registry-Registrar distribution model.

The .za ccTLD is the largest in Africa and currently accounts for about half of the approximately one million domain names registered on the continent. The Central Registry project is intended to consolidate a number of disparate registries operating at the second-level within .za (for example .co.za and .org.za) into a single Registry system. The .za Central Registry will provide a platform for the continued development of .za, will have positive implications for the wider internet industry within South Africa and will allow .za to continue to play a leadership role within the African domain name industry.

ARI's responsibilities to the Central Registry project include the following:

  • Review of existing industry structure and policy frameworks
  • Development of standardised policies to cover the existing second-level domain names within .za
  • Development of organisational structures and processes for the new .za Central Registry organisation
  • Definition of technical, security and administrative specifications for the new .za Central Registry
  • Development of business processes for Registrars and Registrants
  • Recommendations in relation to the appropriate technical, DNS, security and business systems to be employed by the .za Central Registry